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Man up

Domestic abuse is not just a women’s issue, it’s a men’s issue too, and there are many ways in which men can actively combat violence against women and girls.

As the man in the video says, ‘Most men don’t look in the mirror and see a problem. But it’s staring us right in the face.’ By changing their behaviour - never using, excusing or remaining silent about misogyny and men’s violence against women - men can do their bit to end the abuse of women and girls.

You can learn more on The White Ribbon Scotland website.


I know I am not alone

A huge weight lifted off my shoulders when I contacted BWA

I’m honestly starting to see things differently … it’s a valuable service you provide

I thought domestic abuse happened to other people but I realise now that abuse can happen to anyone

Hands keeping me safe and comfortable. Helping me to find joy. Thank you so much for the last 14 months