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Are you thinking of organising a fundraising event on behalf of Border Women’s Aid?

We use fundraising and donations to add value to our service and to do things that would otherwise be very difficult within existing budget constraints.

Your donations go a long way in helping us to keep our support available to women and their families and below are just a few examples of how your donation can be used, and enable us to respond to changing needs:

  • A woman fleeing domestic abuse may often turn up at BWA with only the clothes on her back. Donations help provide women and their families with new bedding, toiletries, nappies, food and other essential items.
  • Supporting activities such a swimming, yoga, or meditation, help to build confidence, well-being and self-esteem.
  • We have no specific funding for awareness raising, so your donations enable us to provide awareness raising/information sessions about BWA, thus helping people identify when they (or a friend/family member) are in an abusive relationship and where they can get help.
  • Our prevention work is another area for which we don’t receive specific funding, so donations are vital for doing this important work.

Fundraising can come in all shapes and sizes from sponsored runs, pub quizzes to cake sales and anything in between. Fundraising is a great way to build community and to raise our voices in support of women and children experiencing domestic abuse, and to have fun at the same time.

We love to hear from all our supporters on what events are being planned so please call us on 01450 218 and we will be happy to discuss your fundraising with you. Thank you for choosing to arrange a fundraising event on behalf of Border Women's Aid.

Past fundraising events include:

  • A movie night held in the Heart of Hawick.
  • Christmas Shopping Night held in Melrose.
  • Cycle Challenge - 2015 was our first year and we had 26 cyclists take part, 22 rode the full 65-mile route while the other 4 decided 45 miles was long enough!
  • A sponsored beach clean-up
  • A sunrise swim on International Women’s Day (8 March)
  • Even kids get involved – a marathon effort by six-year-old Ella, who ran a mile a day, for 26 days, boosting our funds along the way.

“Such a wonderful thing to do for a fabulous charity.”

Having a safety plan in place has reduced my stress

I’m honestly starting to see things differently … it’s a valuable service you provide

You helped me realise I deserved better

I feel safer knowing BWA are supporting me

Speaking to a support worker has made me feel safer in my home