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Another Closet

Domestic abuse is no respecter of persons. Victims and abusers come from all sexual orientations, gender identities, cultures, social classes, ages, religions, and political beliefs. LGBTQ+ relationships are no different.

For example, just because there are two women in a relationship does not automatically guarantee freedom from abuse. 1 in 4 lesbian, gay and bisexual people will experience domestic abuse in their lives. 80% of transgender people have experienced some form of abusive behaviour from a partner or ex-partner.

“I became ashamed of being gay. It was like going back into the closet.”

Domestic abuse in a same sex relationship can do this to a person.

BWA supports women, whatever their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Domestic abuse stems from unequal power within a relationship – any relationship.

Thanks for listening tae me, a no yous are the only ones that dae

I feel amazing, in control, a different person

Speaking to a support worker has made me feel safer in my home

A huge weight lifted off my shoulders when I contacted BWA

Hands keeping me safe and comfortable. Helping me to find joy. Thank you so much for the last 14 months