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Does your partner:

  • Belittle you, or put you down in front of friends and family
  • Verbally abuse you with insulting, demeaning and hurtful language
  • Isolate you from your family and friends, to ‘keep you all to himself’
  • Accuse you of flirting or having affairs
  • Tell you what to wear, who to see, where to go, and what to think
  • Monitor your social media, read your emails or texts
  • Share photos or videos of you without your consent
  • Always want to know where you are, even using GPS to track you
  • Stop you going to college or work
  • Control how you spend your money
  • Blame you for the abuse or arguments
  • Deny the abuse is happening or downplay it
  • Threaten to kill themselves if you try to break up with them
  • Pressure you to have sex or make unwanted sexual demands
  • Pressure you to have unsafe sex, or hurt you during sex
  • Have sex with you when you do not want to – this is rape
  • Make you so afraid that you change your behaviour because you fear what your partner might do to you
  • Abuse you physically-slap, punch, kick, bite, burn, choke, pin you down
  • Threaten to hurt or kill those close to you, including your pets
  • Threaten to hurt or kill you

These are some of the warning signs that you, or a friend or relative, may be in an abusive relationship. Domestic abuse in all its forms is a crime.

Thanks for listening tae me, a no yous are the only ones that dae

I thought domestic abuse happened to other people but I realise now that abuse can happen to anyone

I feel safer knowing BWA are supporting me

I’m honestly starting to see things differently … it’s a valuable service you provide

I feel more in control and hopeful because of BWA support