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About us

We're here to help you out

Border Women’s Aid (BWA) is the only domestic abuse service in the Scottish Borders run by women for women. We are women supporting women to regain control of their lives away from abusive relationships.

We work in a person-centred way, to support every woman, whatever her background, who reaches out to us. This approach treats every woman as a unique individual, empowering her to decide what is best for her and her children.

Leaving an abusive relationship is one of the hardest things for women to do even when their own lives and those of their children are at stake. Empowering women by helping them understand the dynamics of domestic abuse and how it affects women and children is central to how we work.

We are here to listen, and give women the support they need, if they are worried that their relationship, or that of a family member or friend, is abusive or unsafe.

Our team has helped hundreds of women throughout the Borders to leave abusive relationships and find a better life.

“Border Women’s Aid has helped me every step of the way. I am so grateful to these wonderful and caring support workers, and I still cannot believe that this sort of help for women in my situation actually exists. Thank you so much!"


I feel amazing, in control, a different person

I know I am not alone

I feel more in control and hopeful because of BWA support

I feel safer knowing BWA are supporting me

I’m honestly starting to see things differently … it’s a valuable service you provide