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BWA provides safe accommodation and specialist support to women and their children. Crucially we continue to support them as they rebuild their lives by sourcing and accessing community activities, reducing isolation, and enabling involvement and belonging. We provide outreach support to women who are living with domestic abuse and support them to begin to plan for a life that is free from the threat of domestic abuse.

We support each woman as an individual. We are not here to tell women what to do – we are enablers, not fixers. We listen to women who come to us so that we can understand what they need to empower and enable them to live free from domestic abuse. We facilitate women to build on their strengths and to develop the knowledge, skills and tools they need to determine their own futures. Our advice and support are confidential, free and non-judgemental.

Confidentiality is central to what we do, and we will provide support via telephone, e-mail, text, face to face – whatever is best for each individual.

‘‘I thank my local women’s refuge, Border Women’s Aid in Hawick, for its important work. It has worked tirelessly to help women gain freedom from abusive relationships. It provides safe accommodation and specialist support for up to a year for women and their children who have left abusive homes. Through its excellent outreach service, it supports many women in the community who currently live with abuse while they plan for a life beyond it.’’

Rachael Hamilton, MSP in Scottish Parliament, 28th Jan 2021

I thought domestic abuse happened to other people but I realise now that abuse can happen to anyone

Having a safety plan in place has reduced my stress

I know I am not alone

A huge weight lifted off my shoulders when I contacted BWA

Thanks for listening tae me, a no yous are the only ones that dae